The Gender Brigade

Let's get physical (in this presupposition).

The woman is such an interesting concept both in the flesh and in the mind. Both are, as far as manly things go, way, way out there. Yes, it is true, the woman cannot be understood by it's male counterpart and vise-versa. In a dialect universe the male and female organism provides strict and true roles of conduct within which foundational structures can be built. It is in this bedrock that sexism flourishes. But do not be disturbed by the common definition of sexism as this is quite inappropriate and perhaps even too vulgar to be contemplated. Here sexism merely defines the distinctive grouping of male and female and believe it or not there is a distinct difference between the two despite the current rage to promote uniformity among dissociative ideologies. There are rock-solid differences and never shall the two meet.

The female organism is designed to bear offspring where the male is designed to make sure that this happens. This biological form and function sustains the balance and ensures continuity of the species. Breeding like rabbits, there is a tendency to grip the reigns of control in order to provide logical balance but it soon becomes obvious if not in a personal sense then a mass movement sense that this is really just another wacky idea conjured up by some male looking to impress the female with his charm and good looks.

The two sides of the same coin may appear different and that is because they are. It can seem to be a good idea to break up the family and force the woman to work in a man's world and though it may seem like all is well, all that needs be done is to look just a tad bit deeper behind the curtain of good will. Shadows tend to follow the light and though life may be desired beyond the Source it just doesn't happen.

Have you ever wondered why there is such a big push to get the female to embrace the clothes of men? In blurring the biological lines can the species survive? The answer is obvious and is certainly enough to scare the pants off anyone!

Have you ever wondered why the family has been shattered in order to bring so-called 'economic prosperity' to the masses? Does dropping off God's greatest gift into the hands of a surrogate parent promote well-being? Does a man find comfort and joy in seeing his wife off to work in another's man's factory? Can a woman find comfort in knowing that her borne child must be registered and accounted for with the local authorities? When the woman and man, both borne of the same blood, are required to show respect and avow allegiance to some one else's ideology how much can the Heart sustain before balance is brought to bear? How far can we take the species before the bounds of limitation become known? Can it be destroyed by the hands of so-called 'intelligence' or will the knowledge of doing what is right come to the fore to clear the path through trial and tribulation in order to set things straight? How far can a man be pushed into neglecting his role before payback comes a-calling: How far can a woman be taunted into breaking the vow of family before the feminine energy blows it all out of the water? How far can the roles of these biological entities be so mixed up that each confuses one for the other?

There are particular rules required of each gender in order to live a balanced and healthy life. Some cultures know and respect this but here in the Land of Economic Opportunity where Federal Reserves Notes are king gender becomes but a distraction, something to be used and abused as needed and wanted in this great game called Monopoly. Whether one has the healthiest body in the cemetery or the one with the most paper notes both are just as dead as all the other bodies found there.

The greatest treasure a man can attain in this universe is the love of a woman who binds herself to him and the greatest treasure a woman can attain in this universe is to fall under the deep respect of a man who by his word is sworn to hold and protect the dearest and most precious gift that God has given to Man. The gift of completeness, of balance and awe whereby the species maintains it's hold in purpose and plan - not Man's purpose and plan but of the highest Source there is. It is to this Creation that both man and woman can only weep in joy as the full knowledge of just what it means to be borne of Creation is just too much for a human mind to sustain.

A being is not shattered into two in order to experience the universe but through the glory of balance one can know with full knowledge just what it means to be 'me'.

A man knows his place in the universe and will love and protect any woman or child. That is his role, he is the protector. Where the woman provides the deep emotional bond the man provides the expression of such convictions. Can one without the other provide a safe and sane environment whereby the species can pay due homage to Creation? Can you fulfill your god-given role in expressing that which has been given to you?

How can anyone know who or what they really are without understanding the role of their birth?

Though the world may fall and crumble about one all that can be said will be said and in the end it will remain just what it has always been - a choice of following the logic of using one's head or the loving rightness of one's own Heart. Gender is but two sides of the same coin so why not fullfill the role with which you have been graced with? Can there be no greater offering than doing just that? Is there no better place to start in finding one's self than at the home which has been freely given one?

Free will means that one need not dote on the test of time in order to account for one's past. As each new day breaks so too does the chance and opportunity to do good, to do well in this universe so that we may all share in the knowledge and joy of just being you.

Thanks for that.

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