Pleasure For The Holidays

Here is the time of year where those with enough Federal Reserve Notes go out and parlay their savings into some tangible product full of return and value. Oh what fun it is to bump shoulders with the rest of the flock while feeding at the trough of Capitalistic left overs. If it isn't made in China then what good is it to allow it's sale to the starving masses. In fulfilling the code and creeds of Advertising torture simply can't just be left behind. Remember, only the good die young.

All through the year care and compassion go unheeded and yet on that one single wonderful day in December all hell breaks loose. How many presents are for me? And in no short order as the room overfills with discarded dead tree waste we look around at our conquest perhaps just a little satisfied that we have received our due share. Or perhaps our mood turns ugly as no one has fulfilled our desire to the level of satisfaction required. In this time of want and desire should we stand alone and aloof in letting the world know that we are to be placated? Hardly.

Contemplating being without all of the things in this world drives the cattle to slaughter but who cares about that when there is a new so-called scientific technological wonder under the tree! And it is all mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

Try telling that to all the ex-employed who have been so easily discarded by the corporate parents who in our understanding were there to provide for us and to take care of us. Since there is a 'license' required to do so many of the things which we cannot do otherwise what can be left but to roll over and die - and even then the business of health care will kick in and pry even more Federal Reserve Notes from your cold, clenching hands. We all have the right to live and die but who said that it can not be taken advantage of from start to finish? As we are all slaves on the Plantation is it not just to require approval from the authorities to go about our life-business? The business of life!? God did not breath life into your bag of bones in order for you to go work for the master-minded. Life was provided for you and you alone - not a gift to be used for the benefit of another.

Getting caught in the dream is not His fault but entirely your own.

So just go ahead and dig yourself out and then do it right. What greater Christ-mas gift can there be than to live a true and just life. Now that is something we should all find under the tree of our dreams.

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