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In The Sands Of Time

Eventualities come and go and while some linger most resoundingly do not. There is no here to remain and purposefully so. Change is the name of the game. Wouldn't want the kids to get bored would we? While events come and go there are some... 28 Mar 2024

Capitalistic Spiritualism AKA The Grind

Capitalism is alive and well, thanks for asking. It has survived many onslaughts of opposition where the givers battle the takers. In the balance there is no balance as right and wrong become enmeshed in ideology. Personally I dislike, to a... 04 Feb 2024

In The Interest Of Compulsion

Travelling down those dusty roads that we have all imagined, we come to 'find' one thing or another. Let's face it, 'surprises' are not our forte. As our travel plans are well thought out and dutifully followed, with conviction we... 12 Dec 2023
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Kind Of Boring

In escaping we run, trying ever so hard to not look back. Forward is the momentum and full steam ahead is the order of the day. As we gaze upon the horizon we lose our self respect. There is no horizon and yet the dream continues. Delving... 06 Dec 2023

Escaping The Inescapable II

Running is good exercise. It is also important to breathe. Destiny has a way of opening our eyes to what this little thing called life experience wishes to bring forth upon us. It really doesn't matter what you do, how you do or with... 06 Dec 2023

Watch The Speed Bumps

In the interest of science I have decided to leave my body to rot out in the wilderness so as to demonstrate that all life comes full circle. There is no way but in reality this game we call'life' is anything but. In wondering who we are... 10 Nov 2023

Fables of Glory And Shame

Living life after life can seem tiresome but no lives are endured without merit. There is a point to it all, just wait and see. I know that the wait part is typically used and abused to no end but all this is not on that part of the... 18 Oct 2023

Into The Arms of Desire

Falling prey we fall headlong into the abyss of ignorance drowning our deep sorrows with glee. It's a wonderful time to be alive! Masking ourselves, we see.... 13 Feb 2023

All That I Have Seen

It's all laid out on the poker table. It's all there right in front of you. You can choose to see it or not. You can choose to play or to fold. You can even choose to not even come to the table but where is the fun in that? Intently gazing in... 09 Feb 2023

Having Standing

As the ancients once said, there is no going back. Memory serves and yet it is up to us to interpret. Plainly all things happen and in this certainty all arises. And falls. Don't leave that last part out because it is a very important one. It's... 07 Feb 2023

Down The Rabbit Hole

Events can seemingly takes us for a ride but we all know that nothing trumps our own existence. We are what we are and there is no going back. From where we deliver, all outcomes come to pass. As we reflect upon our own good nature we ask... 20 Dec 2022

The AI Pipe Dream

The trouble with so-called AI intelligence is that beingness is granted to a still-born object. Yes, rocks can come alive but behind the veil lies the intention. Making something sentient does not mean it is. One can pour one's entire... 20 Dec 2022

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