Into The Arms of Desire

Falling prey we fall headlong into the abyss of ignorance drowning our deep sorrows with glee. It's a wonderful time to be alive!

Masking ourselves, we see.

But that is the point of seeing, to look above and beyond that which is laid bare at your feet. What comes to be delivered is nothing but a proposed solution to a created problem of mind. Isn't that the point of reality, to bend and shape it according to one's own will.

In everlasting life we lead lives of ill repute. What's the hurry. where's the rush in defining or even escaping that which we conjure up from the depths of our being. We are always at war with our selves.1

Following the path and paths of true glory we stumble over and over again and yet not once think about the consequence. We are in it for the ride and as it carries us along it's trajectory we sometimes wonder if we are on the right track, the right path of which our imagination has taken root. How and where did we 'go' wrong.

Eventually we all find ourselves arriving at a particular point in time and space and exclaiming loudly that we are here! We have arrived and now that consciousness has embraced our plight we are. There can be no turning back.

As we venture forth into an unknown which we completely know about we can pretend all sorts of things and in the rise and fall of all that is, we follow suit. There is no beginning and there is no end. There just is.

Aside from that, have a nice day.

  1. So to speak. As we give life, we take it away. 

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