Edging Into The Abyss

In the deep dark shadows of our dreams we see the things that go bump in the night. Restless, we become that which we fear and as our mind plays out it's role we are horrified at the sight and so as we close our eyes to what is in front of us hauntings appear at the rear. We are never alone.

As we strive for certainty upon the fields of an ever-changing environment control becomes not just improbable but impossible. There is nothing to control but our own imaginings thrown recklessly upon the screen of life. We are never far from who or even what we are.

In reaching beyond our limitations we set the stage for becoming but a pawn the likes of which Man decries. Humility is never the goal and so the path ahead is a lonely one as it should be. We are all sovereign beings answerable to our selves. It's what keeps us in line. Is there a 'right' or 'wrong' road to travel? Of course not, it's all the same thing. It's our interpretation that divides us.

Grasping for infinity we discard it with every breath of our being. Frightfully we expose our underbelly for all to see. Rare is the Man who stands tall and leaves the pack behind. There is no one to watch your back as there is no 'back' to go to. As the glacial timestamp melts away the core reveals an emptiness from which all flee in terror. Life must exist and perpetuate itself for us to survive.

There are no secrets. There is no one coming to save you from your self. It's all a private matter relegated to the worthy. No one can speak for you and no one can absolve you of your choices. Coming to terms with all that requires your devotion.

You must be the change.

It's either that or continue the life of hopes, dream and disappointment. It's what brought you here and luckily for you the road never ends. As complexity increases so too does the consequences. It's you delivering justice to you. I couldn't imagine a worse adversary, but there it is anyway.

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