Expanding The Ever-Present Presence

All about us we live.

As we reflect upon the reflection we sometimes see that which we present. Filtering the sight becomes us.

As we live so we reveal. There is no hiding the fact. Though we may moan and groan under the wight of our institutions none-the-less we are. If only we could come to terms with that.

There is no hiding and so by reflecting illusions we become.

There is no going back but who would want that anyway. In the moment all happens. In the moment all that becomes real is all that we reveal.

There is no movement. It's ridiculous to suggest otherwise.

There are far greater things in this Universe than that little something which we identify our selves with or as. Looking past our limitations requires something much more than an interest in how things work. We are the things which work. Perhaps in looking beyond what it is that we wish to see revelation occurs.

It's true, we are the revelation unto our selves.

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