In Time Escape Becomes Possible

There are lots of conflicting forces at play here at ground zero. I disagree with the 'ground zero' approach but who am I to argue. I am just a visiting outsider who should be ignored. Thank you.

All eventualities have been accounted for. There is nothing left for the unimaginative. It might as well be chiseled in stone. Do not disturb.

There is a long way to go. It's all been laid out. It might appear that the end is nigh but in reality it's just a milestone on the way to the forum. Don't be slighted, it's just a normal business practice.

As we relish the view please remember that the landscape constantly changes. Either through Man's control or the Universe, nothing remains the same. The whole point of which is to see. Becoming attached to a creation is but a narcissistic dream and thankfully we all get 'awakened' sooner or later. Slumber is for the weak of mind, or so I've been told.

Expect the unexpected.

There is no escape and no matter how many times we've been through the wringer the results remain unaffected. Isn't it about time to get smart, to realize that we are not in control. Puppets dance to their master's desire and despite all the hoopla at arguing the point, it remains. When we eventually begin to realize that our 'substance' is but a reflection of the Universe in potentiality our understanding of the Universe plants the seed of knowledge. It's all about the bigger picture.

In desperation our minds take flight and seek new avenues of exploration all the while seeking escape from our current plight. There is no escape, only evasion.

The 'trick' to understanding is pausing a moment in consideration. The alternative is running like hell for the exit.

What are you afraid of?

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