Standing In Shadow Of Plethora

As the flock and flocks gather individually and in totality separation becomes a term tossed to the four winds of Mother Earth. As we become enveloped with embrace something deep inside stirs in a hazy remembrance of something long past and yet oddly current. Cycles may come and go according to the sands of time and yet we ourselves remain. There is no going back1.

Greatness surrounds us and as we relish in ignorance so that we may live the hamster knows only too well it's parameters upon the wheel. Destined to activity one cannot falter2.

In purposing life we take comfort and though the search may be long and arduous we are certainly up to the task embracing it with the same strength with which we ourselves are embraced. The cause is just because we create it to be so. It feels good to have others step upon the footsteps we leave in the sands of time and in so gaining certainty our future becomes noble.

There is no end as there never was a beginning and though our beliefs may take us far and wide exploring each and every corner of veiled understanding it all becomes but a moot exercise in self esteem. Why is it that we must come to feel 'good' about our selves. The mirror does not lie so what is the point in elongating the tentacles of desire.

As we perpetuate existence the road becomes clear. Sooner or later we tire and allow ignorance to slip away from us in order to stand upon the mountains of Men. As the vista becomes crisp and clear there is nothing, absolutely nothing that we can do about it one way or another but we can fend off the eventuality of it all.

It's kind of like saving up for a rainy day.

  1. As time is but an illusion there is no back or forward. All lies in parallel. 

  2. Run little hamster, run! 

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