Escaping The Inescapable

There is no going back, Get used to the idea.

Although time does not exist that doesn't mean that we can go back and do a 'redo'. That's repetition which has no place in evolutionary movement. It's true, we're evolving1.

As we try and try to win the race the race itself has no existence. We are running and elbowing ourselves just so that our sense of achievement becomes regarded. We are in this to win are we not. In perpetuity we become and therefore must sustain our selves against all odds. Survival depends upon it.

As we clutch our hopes and dreams we embrace the future in expectation. Are we not worthy of such delights.

Eventually we find our selves right back where we started and in the singularity we attempt to come to terms with it all. Failure is an option.

Eventually all gives sway to what lies before us. Like it or not our control is not self evident.

As we parade our selves down the street of desire all look upon us with a skewed eye. Something is not quite right and there we are in our full glory expecting something completely different than our demonstration. Surely someone will propose that which we desire.

It can be a lonely existence.

It just means that the track we are running on is not for us.

Be the forward movement which propels you despite your best efforts otherwise.

There is no going back. Sorry to tell you but here is where you are and where it all happens in. Embrace the suck.

  1. That's disgusting. 

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