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Kind Of Boring

In escaping we run, trying ever so hard to not look back. Forward is the momentum and full steam ahead is the order of the day. As we gaze upon the horizon we lose our self respect. There is no horizon and yet the dream continues. Delving... 06 Dec 2023

Anything Is Possible

In escaping the inescapable we find purpose and plan. Of course there is no escaping anything but it's fun trying is it not? I am a victim of my own circumstance. Mostly people are but that is not the point. As I hide in the shadows between... 03 Nov 2023

Escaping The Inescapable

There is no going back, Get used to the idea. Although time does not exist that doesn't mean that we can go back and do a 'redo'. That's repetition which has no place in evolutionary movement. It's true, we're evolving.... 05 Feb 2023

Galactic Intervention

It's no secret that there is more to this world than meets the eye. There is also much, much more to this Universe than meets the eye. Perception is like that, 'deadly' in it's effects. There is no escaping the inescapable. Around the block... 17 Jul 2022

Escaping With Our Toys Intact

We all have our own unique devices that we use to interact with life and living and as always, somewhere along the way they fail us quite miserably. Time after time we pick ourselves up and try again using some perverted approach which is sure... 16 Nov 2005

Can Chance Favor Us?

Where does the Heart lie when we approach our environment with a critical eye? Do we so relish our own thoughts that we completely deny all else? As the embodiment of man, we bind ourselves with devices of our own choosing. Creating havoc we... 13 May 2005

You Can't Kid A Kidder

Holding and awaiting the time of yet to come, presence becomes lost in the vaporous engagement of now. Fleeting thoughts inquire as action unfolds to pave the way. Doors open and close fervently in the knowledge that the endless summer of our... 04 Jun 2002

Not All Is As It Appears

Detailing the life we lead, what is left to be said, what more could we possibly add to the already overflowing abundance of words and concepts, thoughts and ideas which we hold so very dear to our eternal hearts? All that could be added is... 09 Aug 2001

Just Another Lazy Summer Day

Long lost within the echoes of our thoughts, we seek out others of like mindedness wondering if each is as capabile as we hope that they will be. Reality sets in and nothing remains the same, the dream shatters the imagination and turns the... 10 Jun 2001

Forbidden Fruit

There exists a time when all Life began to shine as individual components of something far greater than that small speck of thought, way in the back of the mind, that insistently calls for resolution. Circling, the thought never becomes... 29 May 2001

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