Not All Is As It Appears

Detailing the life we lead, what is left to be said, what more could we possibly add to the already overflowing abundance of words and concepts, thoughts and ideas which we hold so very dear to our eternal hearts? All that could be added is nothing, and in that expression of nothingness, the life we lead takes form and shapes the future into which we fall headfirst. There is no stopping the train of existence.

Expounding upon our imagination, we create and create some more. There is never enough and baring our souls, we will do anything to ensure that the life we create survives. It must, or we ourselves will be in jeopardy. We, and all that we call our own, must survive and does. It outlives us and we find that our lives begin to take form based strictly upon that survival. Thoughts no longer run free and unencumbered, but now must be restricted and tightly controlled. Seeking beyond our boundaries is never contemplated.

Progressing through life, we stumble and fall over and over again, never considering alternatives. The way we see is the only way we see. There is no spontaneous life. Well cared for, we ensure that each new day greets us with the expectation of our most frivolous whims and desires and yet again, it all comes up empty of meaning and purpose. Shallow waters are the waters of life while the deep calls to the void found within the dark recesses of our souls. Calling, we turn away and avoid the destiny which we have created for ourselves. Holding off the wolves, we fear for our lives.

Escaping from ourselves, we find the turmoil in which to take refuge. Safe, we become overcome with pain and suffering, gladly enduring the prospects of more of the same. From the darkest pit we arise and take flight, escaping nothing and leaving nothing. There is an end in sight, but no where is it to be found.

Arriving at the gates of our demise, we beseech the almighty to release our self made chains. No call is answered, no loving touch received. Not all is as it appears.

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