Make Believe

Into the hearts and minds of those around us, do we wish to invade. We want to become known and in that reflection we gaze deeply at ourselves and behold the wonder. The wonder of being, as reflected by our creations is truly a wonder indeed.

What could possibly exist beyond our thoughts, beyond our wildest imagination? Is there something out there that awaits our discovery, or is it just something that we have hidden from ourselves, awaiting our eventual attention. Seeking isn't all it's cracked up to be.

There is a state of being, and in that state of being we fulfill our utmost desires, expressing ourselves though believing otherwise. There is always life to be discovered, but what is it that gives it the pleasure we reap? What is it that projects the experience, the emotion and the learning in which we have placed our deepest trust and expectations? Fulfilling ourselves is a full time job and lasts for all eternity. Keeping ourselves busy keeps us busy. Ever spinning our wheels, we continually make progress and yet never move an inch. Where is it that we are going in such a hurry?

The journey we place before us is the road map of how it is we will reap our rewards. It has already been fully laid out and carefully planned. There are no surprises. As we become the road we travel, nothing else seems to matter, and so it is.

Is this why the rewards we seek never seem to last? Is this why we endlessly journey on, never completely filling the void that beckons us within. From emptiness to fullness, we run like mad keeping the void at bay. Striving, we arrive exactly where it is that we want to be, contemplating our next step with care and conviction. Letting go is not an option.

To know your self is to know the path, the journey, and the destination. To know your self is to end the void and it's constant appetite for more. Have you had your fill yet? To no one's surprise, fulfillment will always come up short. Just out of reach, yet within the senses, for what other reason does striving exist? You cannot grasp what does not exist. You cannot fill the unfillable, nor experience the created illusion. All that can be done is to make believe.

To make believe is the play of the Gods. Shall we pretend otherwise?

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