It's A Match Made In Heaven

There is a sense of timing, of correctness of impingement, when everything just seems to 'fall into place'. It is during these times we feel whole and complete, satisfied in our knowledge that things are the way that they are supposed to be. We feel as if we are 'one' with our surroundings. Peace is found everywhere we turn our gaze.

There is also a sense when our attention becomes focused along certain well defined paths of thought and knowledge. It is the world in which we live, and when our attention is consumed in the totality of our own thoughts, our surroundings suddenly take on new meaning and definition in ways that, many times, are contrary with which the way things 'should' be. Our expectations always arrive before we do. With trumpet and fanfare, we want those around us to be desirous of what it is we carry forth. Embracing our nature, we rule the universe.

With knowledge comes power, but only in direct relation with those who subscribe to that same knowledge, or more correctly, to those who lack that so-called 'knowledge'. The "have's" and the "have-nots". It's still the same ego trip as confrontational intimidation. The winner is always looked upon as something to be desired, but within that desire lies the trap of self destruction. There is no other way. When winning, be sure you are fully aware of the consequences.

It is always difficult to see reality when thought alignment lies with a sense of 'what should be'. Rearranging your surroundings, the future has hope and begins to take shape. What exactly is the future you desire, and what, exactly, are you willing to do to get there? Who will fall prey to your hopes and dreams? Who will become the slave of your enforcement, all in the name of a 'better' new tomorrow. Out of compassion, there are always some who will share your future, whatever that future may be and hold. Is this the larger picture?

Expanding and contracting, the cycle of survival continues to go around the mulberry bush. Who will stop just long enough to say "What am I doing?". In questioning one's purpose and plans there comes a point to be realized that when those questions go unanswered, we begin to look for them in others. It seems that a requirement to live life, is to search for answers. A spiritual quest is a noble and grand occupation.

The spiritual path is a sacred path because it recognizes the spirit in all things and in all places and especially in all people. Treating another contrary is what is called 'falling off the path'. Some realize when they have fallen, some do not.

When falling, be sure to remember to pick yourself back up and to continue your journey. The path can be a very busy path at times. There may even be some pushing and shoving in order to 'get ahead', but rest assured, it never works out that way. When bumped and tossed about, just remember the path ahead and not be swayed into turning your attention elsewhere. But by all means, turn your attention where ever and whenever and to whoever that will further your quest and enhance your well being, not your comfortable bodily existence, but your spiritual well being. There is a guiding light and that light is within each of us, drawing us deeper and deeper to a fulfillment that thirsts for conquest. That is what is drawing you on. That is what I am drawing you to. It's a match made in heaven.

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