Knowing How To Know

I have completed my duties, I am full-filled. There is nothing more which could express the momentum of change which has not been said. Once filled, emptiness assumes importance, once again. Beyond the circle of our destiny, there lies nothing. Within the circle, the panoramic view captures our attention and we smile with the 'otherness' of enjoyment. It is good to be alive.

Fulfilling one's duty to oneself, keeping the promises of long lost connections of the heart, what becomes when the past became. Once the fruit has been tended, and the growth complete, the harvest ensues. Are thetans1 the fruit of our appetite. Perhaps.

Growth ensures decay. Decay provides the impetus for spiritual enlightenment. Why walk when you can run at full steam ahead into the unknown.

When life begins to unfold and provide a depth greater than just our own thoughts alone, we begin to see past our nose and come to realize that becoming an adult requires that childhood come to a close. In tumultuous times, there always comes a time of peace. In study, the practice becomes proficient.

Full-filling oneself requires expansion beyond the boundaries which we have set for ourselves. Looking where we dare not look causes us to look into the face of Death, and though trembling with fear, we enable ourselves to do what is right. When 'right' becomes 'might' we ensure our childhood and so relinquish ourselves to the briny deep.

Without idol worship, who will take our hand and lead us on. Who will provide for our needs as we enter the cold, hard, reality of the 'outside' world. Living within one's hopes and dreams does not cause reality, it creates it.

There is no path out of the forest, because the forest is just an analogy, a symbol of what is. Following others who hack and slash their way with the promise of breaking free is a lie. You can't break out of a symbolic representation, but you can come to know. Knowing how to know is knowing when to follow and when to lead. The promise of a brighter future is always empty. The future has already arrived, have you not noticed, or were you too busy in the school yard to take any notice. The goal of full-fillment is not to create a better tomorrow, it is to separate imagination from reality and to become the Life that you are today. You can lead a horse to water, but only if you make him thirsty first.

Beliefs are the rules of childhood, and growing up often leads to questioning those beliefs. Knowing how to know is not creating a 'cleared' planet, creating new and interesting games or even collecting your very own set of 'thetans'. Knowing how to know is exactly that. Games exist for entertainment, beyond entertainment there is knowledge and in that knowledge one comes to know how to know and also comes to know of knowledge itself.

Uncovering the truth is not uncovering abilities to do this or that. That would be entertainment. Uncovering the truth reveals your very own individualistic nature and the knowledge of who and what you are. Knowing how to know does not take place on the chess board, or in the mind of imagination. Mind games are completely separate from knowledge. Strange as it seems, knowledge without the mind is the real knowledge. There is no thinking, no wonderful pictures to be entertained with, just understanding. To come to know how to know, leads the way to knowing. If you are looking for yourself, look no further. I know it and you know it.

  1. thetan: a conceptualized image of one's self as being superior to the mind. 

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