May I Watch?

Pools of light, pools of laughter, in all pools there exist the exact same quality of determination. Gazing, we weep with joy at the sight we behold. Enraptured and cloaked within our desires, we never blink.

Time passes us by as the number of souls clustered increases. Welcome to the universe of your desire where everything becomes what you have always wished for. How long have you gazed within your unbroken trance, where might is only counted in the mass of numbers. Sooner or later you must break the rapturous embrace and lead the life which you call your very own. Could it be otherwise possible while captured within your unbreakable intent?

Determination is what brought you here, determination is what will set you free, but it is not the determination of gazing at your own reflection that will do the trick. All that you must do to cease your intent is to simply decide to reign in your unstoppable contraction of space. Believe it or not, the object of your gaze is not the entirety of interest. There are other interests and more importantly, there are other beings.

Clearing technology opens doors. It can momentarily distract you from your clear intent just enough to create the space in which you may willfully decide to gaze, or not gaze, elsewhere or nowhere. There is also the possibility that the subject itself will become your new pool of interest.

Chanting words and phrasing may help to alleviate the inability to break free, but this is in appearance only. Words and phrases will never set you free from your pool and pools of interest. The price which you must pay for the freedom of intent is to create and build upon the foundation of what is true for you. Truth, as the basis of operation, is the only way in which a being may become free of themselves. Appearances will not.

From truth, there is no need of assurances, no desire for acceptance and no freedom large enough to contain it. There are many paths and many ways. Choose, but please make that choice as your own and not one of appearances.

Away from your captivation, away from your clear intent, there lies the truth about you. This is only something in which only you alone may journey toward and through. Discovering yourself for the first time is always a thrill to behold. May I watch?

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