Oh, Nothing

I have nothing to do. On the days that I have nothing to do, I will do almost anything than to sit down and do nothing. Nothing is not a very comfortable word in which to settle into. It is also a word that should not even be in the dictionary. Whatever demon created such a word as 'nothing', should be banned into... well, nothingness. Nothing is an absolutely terrible and horrendous word, especially when someone is so rude as to give it away when asked a question.

"What are you doing?."

"Oh, nothing."

NOTHING!? If nothing existed, then we would be without something and if that something did not exist how could someone have the gall to suggest that 'nothing' could exist at all without something in which it must take hold.

I have nothing to do. I am no one and have no life. There is no where to go and nothing to say. No one even exists for me. Good thing that I have a mind in which my imagination can create worlds without end and things, and things, and things, in which to do even more things. I am never alone when I have my thoughts. Sometimes, it's gets so noisy that I actually have to leave myself for a while just to 'get away'. I'd much rather have nothing to do than to live in a nightmare where the only thing to do is the doing itself.

Nothing escapes my detection. I know it all and have done it all. What else is there for me now? Who can provide the toys of my childhood? Creating is so easy to do and once the doing gets started, well then, nothing can possibly stand in it's way. Can running around a telephone pole be any more rewarding? Doing something is better than doing nothing, but when it comes time to doing nothing, then the fight just sort of seems to leave. When nothing arrives, there always seems to be someone there to greet it. Why is it?

In reality, I have lots to do. In fact, I have so much to do that it is absolutely impossible for me to get it all done in one day. If I really wanted to accomplished everything that I wanted to do, I would have to live for a long, long, long time. Why, I could even devote one single lifetime to just contemplation. Just contemplation, nothing else. Another lifetime could easily be chewed up by catching up on all the movies that have ever been made. Good thing that archives exist, because I like to make use of them - frequently.

There is so much to do that I could even take pleasure of the doing in the doing. How exciting! This could go one forever. How on Earth could anyone in their right mind even consider the possibility of doing nothing. NOTHING!? That is one weird word. As a matter of fact, I think that it should be eliminated from the English language. What sort of demon would sit down one day and say to itself: "You know, I think that I'll spoil someone's day today.", and off he goes to do NOTHING! It just gives me the shivers to even THINK about it!

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