'Rightness' of Game

When we start to play the 'rightness' game, who will be the survivor? To what depth of understanding will we play our games with the black and white hats and to what extent will we allow the enjoyment of them to escape our grasp.

There is a teaching called Scientology. It contains concepts and ideas that allow one to discover for oneself, things about themselves, and others. This is accomplished with the understanding that what is true for you, is true for you. You learn at your own pace and understanding, and the compassion to accept that pace and level of understanding is set in stone. The most valuable final product of Scientology, is you, yourself. You are the most important and prized particle in this universe, not admiration, but thetan.

In the games of life, there is nothing more important, absolutely nothing more important, than your spiritual well being. To find out what is true for you, you must go out and find it. Search, discover, study, audit; learn other philosophies, other cultures and come to your own understanding of what is true - for you. I trust in the final end product of that journey. I trust in the principals, not in the conceptualization of principals, but in the actual understanding of what the Scientology religion is and does. It helps to lead you to your destiny, and that destiny is what is true for you. It is not what is true for another, it is what you have discovered for yourself.

The tools are there to assist you in that discovery. They are not there to enforce that discovery, to win converts for some particular side or another. They are the tools of spiritual freedom. What you do with that, is up to you. But the search for truth is a sacred search for truth and it is one that I jump for joy when another captures it for themselves.

May your journey be everything that you wish it to be, and more...

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