Take Cover

From understanding there is an arrival at a new found position; a point, a place, a slice of time. Encompassing the unholdable, the sun shines and the laughter of the gods appear and disappear as they float on wafts of hope and desire. Before remembrance occurs a longing captures the attention and firmly plants fruits for the future. Gaining new ground, nature takes it's course.

Over time and experience the fruits of labor are revealed in all of their glory and dusty remains. Brushing off the remains from the shoulders of the great ones, the party begins to warm up and take form. The end is near but the throes of death will not be denied the right of expression and demonstration. Lumbering giants always rescue the damsels locked away in the heart of man. From eternity, the strings of compassion unwind and work their merry way downstream, unfolding and expanding along the way. What arrives, arrives.

When reality hits the fan, it is best to take cover.

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