The Gift of Life

There is a time and there is a place. Do you know when and which is the one of your own choosing, or are they both completely out of your hands. Giving up is an option best left to the less fortunate. Fortunately, as we stumble through life and living we become forced to come to terms with our own destiny and to recognize that, in living, there is a time and a place for everything. Spring cleaning is not just an after-winter chore.

Enfolding ourselves in the embrace of our existence, we come to see that our time is unlimited, but in the moment of that measurement, we become captured in the place we call home. Time holds it's bountiful existence in abeyance as we consider, for a moment or two, and in that consideration we seem to lose our place in life. Cleaning up after a hard day's work is just another chore on the long list of unfilled duties. In due time, we pay the price.

Placing ourselves squarely in the forefront of the experiences we rush into, the consequences seems little of consequence. Our doom evolves slowly but surely, but sooner or later, time comes to the rescue. We face our own fears and we overwhelm ourselves with images of ourselves. Can there be enough time to unravel the mysterious quest we seem to fervently deny while forcefully demonstrating it's existence. Responsibility always comes at the end of the rope, just in time.

Forever thankful as we play the mute, time eases all pains and sorrows. Exchanging one life for another, over and over again, our heads become filled with dancing sugar plums in the night. Happily, we become comforted in the knowledge that our dreams are not the reality we fulfill our lies with. When the river runs dry, either the need vanishes or a new search begins. On a spiritual quest, the thirst overwhelms us and carries us forward into the ocean of time and space.

There is only one thing that I wish. I wish for you all the happiness that exists in this universe, and more. May the emptiness become overflowing and spill upon those around you. And when that flow makes it's way to me I shall give thanks that the river moves in, and about, you. You see, there is a time and there is a place, and that is exactly where I will be waiting for you.

The Gift of Life knows no death. You are that Gift and the Life is that which you have overflowed since the beginning of time. Without you, things just wouldn't be quite the same. :-)

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