The Survivalist

In order to survive, enemies are created, goals are enforced and the idea of 'others' do not exist. Survival requires one to play the game of life and to beat the odds. It creates societies where every individual is encouraged to 'climb their way to the top'. Without fresh meat, the dogs become empty and the pangs of hunger create religion, philosophy and great thinkers in the time of 'need'. Searching for answers, the thirst redeems itself by either submitting to the pack or devouring on one's own terms and hoping against hope, that we do not become the eaten along the solitary road. Survival creates deprivation and there are many who sit by the wayside, waiting and watching for their own salvation to become realized. In surviving, someone must die.

I wouldn't want to wish survival on my own worst enemy. Forcing another to play by disconnecting, declaring, and sometimes, destruction, only proves the point of the sharpest teeth, the biggest appetite, the dominator of our future survival. Giving life away for the enjoyment of others breaks the circle of life and death. Death is always denied the right to survival when life is freely given, and given and given. Who would hold back from such a noble cause, when the resolver of life, is life itself and death becomes the pointer of fate.

Survival is the game being played so often, here on the Jewel of Knowledge. When the bonds with the body are broken, bodily survival dissipates and becomes no more. When this occurs, please do not make the mistake of transferring that temporal desire to the spiritual realm; it does not belong. The spirit does not survive, it never has and never will. The body survives as it is meant to, and is limited and finite. The spirit, as many philosophies dictate, is immortal. That means that there is no survival, there is no death, there is no life. We can pretend to be the body and think otherwise, but to what ends?

We can pretend to be something we are not and stake our future on playing the survival game, clawing and scratching our way to the top. When the spirit comes to be imagined as a body, whether physical or otherwise, then survival, and the death of others, ensues. Playing a game where everyone wins, is not a game at all. What will the spirit win over? Bodily death, or the torment of it's victims? Releasing our pain and suffering, means giving life back to whence it came.

You have killed, tortured, implanted, connived, convinced and ignored others innumerable times in your past, when will you begin to break the cycle and realize that the suffering you receive is the suffering you pay. When you have emptied the mind of it's troubles, what will you empty then? If a spirit is to be addressed, why not address it and release the desire to survive.

All religions, all philosophies and all of mankind seeks a better life, and it is all a lie. To boldly go where no one has gone before tempts fate and our survival. How long will the game be played and when will spiritual maturity begin to set.

Clearing another to play a better game is self serving and, of course, quite limited in it's achievement. Spirituality, no matter it's cloak, will be missing and ignored. When clearing, be sure to kind in mind the goals and purposes of what it is that you are doing. You are an immortal spirit. Whether playing in the school yard or pretending to be a survivalist, you are a spirit. Wouldn't you rather understand that than the icing on the cake of your desires?

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