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Favoring One-Sided Propensities

As we look upon the face of the Earth we 'discover' all sorts of non-sense. From corner to corner there is just too much to take in and relish. As we prioritize our flights of fancy the vision narrows and continues to narrow until such time as... 24 Sep 2022

Climbing The Stairs of Perpetuity

It's called the survival of the fittest and yet the fittest never 'survive'. What does that tell you. While the tide and tides come and go the ticking clock never lies. There is no way out in the same way that there is no way 'in'. Where ever... 30 Aug 2022

Stepping Back In Time

In time all things happen. Sometimes the wait can be worth it and at other times the wait never seems to end but in either case the passage endures. Sitting in a lawn chair and finding entertainment just for amusement purposes eternity passes by... 08 May 2020

Waking Up In A Bed Of Roses

Looking and searching is part and parcel of living the life of hopes and dreams. Evermore on the quest of enlightenment we tend to seek out those of like mind. In this devious play of conquest, we can be assured that our victory will not elude... 13 Mar 2008

Facets Of Our Age

Past the minefields, beyond the edge of time, circumstances arrive to meet their maker. Giving life to the environment, it bends like the willow to ensure it's survival, and returns to greet us again and again. Everlasting and fulfilling, it... 06 Dec 2001

Surviving Gives Death It's Meaning

There is a time and a place for new eventualities to come together, and it is at that time that the foundations of our beliefs come to mean exactly what they are. As the cracks seep through the rigidity of exploitation, we come to find new... 23 Oct 2001

The Survivalist

In order to survive, enemies are created, goals are enforced and the idea of 'others' do not exist. Survival requires one to play the game of life and to beat the odds. It creates societies where every individual is encouraged to 'climb their... 27 Aug 2001

It's A Match Made In Heaven

There is a sense of timing, of correctness of impingement, when everything just seems to 'fall into place'. It is during these times we feel whole and complete, satisfied in our knowledge that things are the way that they are supposed to be. We... 23 Aug 2001

I Long For The Days

Coming and going, I long for the days when communication was like gold, ever looked for and greatly appreciated when received. I long for the times when lynch mobs killed themselves before they would kill another. Sometimes, death can be a long... 22 Aug 2001

Granting Beingness

We are all alive. If you look around you, you will find life in all of it's glory and splendor. Whether you use physical or spiritual perception, all that you see, in every direction that you look, you will find life in all of it's infinitude.... 06 Jul 2001

The Urge To Survive

The survival urge is one which can overcome each and every one of us, if we allow it. That urge is the result of the mind being granted the right of domination over us. It takes well to these sorts of challenges . Surviving is a polarity and... 22 Dec 2000

Points Of Power

There is the quietness of emptiness, a peacefullness that creates a tranquility of no-effort. Within that effortless embodiment, nothing moves, nothing rejoices, no demands are given or received. There is no bliss, there is no pain. All that... 18 Oct 2000

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