Granting Beingness

We are all alive. If you look around you, you will find life in all of it's glory and splendor. Whether you use physical or spiritual perception, all that you see, in every direction that you look, you will find life in all of it's infinitude. Life does not survive, it exists. The physical manifestation may come and go, but this is only a demonstration of life, and is not life itself. Life IS.

If we momentarily pretend that the physical life around our bodies is life itself, to that end will we pretend to 'survive'. And in that survival we ensure our right to live by overcoming all the other life we may imagine or come into contact with. But this is not surviving, it is pretending.

Granting beingness has no pretense. There is no veil in which we filter our perception with. Granting beingness is recognizing, acknowledging, and enhancing the existence of others around us. We are not alone and in sharing existence with others, when we acknowledge the existence of others, we find that life contains the wonderment that is completely missing from the pretension of survival.

If you are worried about your survival then perhaps it may be to your benefit to find out why. We are not alone, and if you busy yourself with surviving, then be assured that others are doing the same. The enemies you create will either force you into slavery or they will provide the impetus for you to overcome the survival game itself. Granting beingness releases the enemies you have created and sets you free.

It's easy to spot those who grant beingness. They make you feel good, not only about yourself, but about the world at large. They view the universe without the veil of perception, and this comes across in their communication to you. You catch a glimpse of something far greater than yourself and when you do, it makes you want to get it. Surviving the game of life requires that you attain it, you can't win otherwise. To survive is to kill yourself off as a player. Granting beingness takes chess playing to a whole 'nother level. :-)

The way to spot the survival game in action is to watch for the signs. Refusing to understand another's perception is one. Another sign is when someone denigrates someone else's perception. Surviving the game is considered dangerous, and to overcome that danger it is customary to deny your opponent's right to their thoughts. A sign of surviving is how well you have forced your thoughts, ideas and considerations upon others. A sign of granting beingness is how easy it is to accept another's position on an issue. The time track is quite long. It is really, really, long. Do you actually think that those thoughts of yours have never been addressed before. You already know the answers, all you have to do is let someone else know theirs. Granting beingness gives another the right and privilege of finding out their own answers, in their own times. Don't you deserve that right as well?

You can't give another what you do not have. I wish for you to recognize, acknowledge, and enhance yourself so that you may pass the gift to another. Sooner or later it's going to happen anyway, so why fight it? :-)

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