I thought that I would make this announcement just so that everyone would know that I’ve changed my mind. But before I mention that, I have to fill in some background data first.

I’m not a player. I’m not a piece. And yet I can be one, or both of these as needed. One of the things that sometimes comes across as ‘needed’ is duplicating motion. In vector terms, I like using the ‘redirector’ type of approach, but my favorite is the ‘Parallel’. That one is my favorite because I enjoy ‘becoming’ something else, even if for a ‘tad’.

One of those ‘tads’, was being a Markabian. Using the calendar year as a reference for time from it’s beginning up until the moment of ‘now’, my Markabian adventure took place for a few days near the end of November/beginning of December. That is the calendar reference, which would equate to a fair bit of ‘real’ time. In other words, it went on for quite some time.

My Markabian ‘adventure’ is not the only one that has had my interest. There have been numerous others and similarily, these other cultures were also turned from their original makeup into one of implanting and suppression. In actual fact, the Markabian culture is one steeped in a rich heritage that would make just about anyone proud to be a member of. There are many, many wonderful things that came out of that culture up until the time it became infiltrated and perverted.

This infiltration and perversion is not something new or different. As I mentioned, this is not something that hasn’t been done before. The Markabians were just next on the list, and what you know of their wonderful heritage is just about zero. All that you have mostly known is their association with implanting and suppression, and that is what it comes down to - their ‘association’. They are not the reason ‘why’, they are the ‘why’s’ demonstration. These two are very, very different.

I’ve come to learn many, many things during my ‘Markabian Adventure’ and there were times that the only thing that kept me pursuing my course of action were (and still are), the rights of each and every Markabian. They all have the right to know the truth and I have been, and continue to be, willing to do anything necessary in order to have that truth be revealed. What you see happening currently is part of the early stages of that truth becoming known, and there will be a lot more coming from all sorts of sources.

What I’ve changed my mind about is the idea that all Markabians should be treated with suspicion and suspect. I’ve changed my mind that their culture is one of implanting and suppression. I’ve changed my mind about how their culture should be treated and about how the individuals within that culture should be addressed. They are not the cause of all the problems in existence. Wrong target.

When a Markabian becomes strong enough to overcome the implanting and suppression done at their own hands, then, as the legend goes, the Markabian home planet is doomed. There is a twist on the truth in that legend, purposefully injected in order to ensure that the very thing that is occurring, not happen. Markabians are becoming free, and the one’s who hold the reigns are surely doomed. THAT is the legend, and THAT is the truth. When a Markabian goes free, it shakes the foundation of the home world, and the repercussions wend their way throughout the universe - ONE free Markabian makes that much difference.

I’ll no longer treat Markbians as suspect or of insidious intent just waiting for the right opportunity to destroy others. I’ll no longer treat the culture, the heritage and their forthcoming future as being one that needs destruction or suppression.

When individual Markabians begin to wake up and take action to right the wrongs of their home world, then the future that was foretold becomes told. By your lead you will know them.

29 Aug 2011


This is a very funny piece bordering on hilarious! I wonder how the cheek felt after that, asked the tongue.

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