Seeking Flotational Devices

In the time of dreamers, vistas unfold and as the onrushing future makes it's way through us, we gaze in wonder at the recognition of ourselves onstage. Separately, we are a joy to behold, if only to ourselves. Conjuring a destiny, we seek fullfillment and yearn to break free of nothing.

Opposition enables the solidity of now to make itself known. Faced with our perception, either we increase our efforts, or we align ourselves with what is. Delaying the inevitable delays nothing and as we come to see of ourselves, we dance in delight.

Striving through effort, unbounded and with glee, nothing else matters and so the remains take on a life of it's own and swallows us whole. Deeply we dive, in search of lost treasures and of the appreciation of our efforts. Efforting, no matter the cloak, destroys. Perhaps it would be better to drown in ourselves than to live with the treasures of illusion.

When careening through life, it can sometimes be beneficial to seek flotational devices.

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