Illuminating The Dark

Out reality is such a funny term. Gradients allow us to see at the very edge of the circle of light from our trusty flashlights. Camping out in the darkness, we never quite seem to want to look much beyond. We have our eyes 'properly' adjusted and restrict our own view. There is no telling what's out there, so looking beyond the circle is contemplated little, if at all.

Noises from the dark are a constant reminder to stay with our limited perception. It is safe and comforting to know that we are the masters of our light and control all that we see. Sometimes, we envision using a larger light in which to illume our environment. It is comforting to have and to hold mass. It gives one a sense of well being and promotes an attitude of confidence. Gradients do that. They give one confidence. It's like trading in a small flashlight for a larger and with each new trade our perceptions become keener and keener along with the self confidence of ruling over all that we see. Facing the night alone without the familiar feeling of our trustworthy friend in our hands, is not something we wish to contemplate.

Sooner or later, the local supermarket will run out of flashlights. There is not a great demand for the super giant sized light which will illuminate the entire neighborhood and beyond. Some request for a supply to be stocked, while others laugh with obvious disgust. In either case, the light you seek must be found elsewhere.

Ever expanding our sphere of influence, there comes a time when the illuminated sphere becomes a handicap. Sooner or later, the light must be turned off. How else can one see the beauty of nature without going beyond the circle of perception?

Gradients allow us to obtain knowledge and confidence a little at a time. Slowly but surely, we master our own personal realms. Other realms remain out reality until we come to understand the nature of those realms and the only way to do that is to understand our own first.

From pocket light to solar illumination the order of magnitude demonstrates itself. Will the last one out please turn off the lights. :-)

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