External Spiritual Interference

According to the Free Zone Decree, this area of space is free of external interference:

"4. All of its inhabitants are hereby declared Free Zone Citizens and free of external political or economic interference."

But that is not the 'all' of it. If you will notice, there is no mention made of external spiritual interference. This is what might be called the "Back Door", and that back door has been used extensively. In fact, it started even before the name "Free Zone" was redefined by those who sought a "way in".

Is it any wonder that there is much confusion as to what the Free Zone really is? Propaganda can do wonders, but it only works on the susceptible and in those cases it doesn't matter what Decrees are issued - there is no protection against the non-vigilant.

Spiritual Freedom does require vigilance, a great deal of it. Constant awareness is not something which can forced, it must occur naturally, as a by-product of the actual understanding of the Scientology religion. For those who wish to play the game of illusion, there can be no vigilance, ever.

Although political and economic interference had been addressed in the Free Zone Decree, spiritual interference was purposefully not. It was left out so as to root out suppression and the supressives. It was left out as a way to pinpoint exactly who the Night Stalkers were. Can it be any more clear now, exactly WHO those individuals are?

Power mongers hide behind the corporate structure so as to MAKE MONEY. Power mongers also hide behind the political caste so as to RULE THE PEOPLE. Completing the triad, power mongers also hide in the shadows of the spiritual realm so as to DOMINATE. That's not all of it, but close enough for now.

Isn't it amazing that after three blows to the head, the thetan dies?

How is it that a thetan can die? Quite simple. It goes unconscious and becomes 'not here'. It's as good as death. Not only is the thetan taken out of the picture, but it becomes a sock-puppet, a willing slave to whoever deals in these black tricks of destruction.

After a time, the thetan comes to know of nothing else and so begins to regard it's handlers with warmth and affection. It's a sick game involving sick thetans all the way around.

There is no restriction on spiritual interference in this area of space and there most probably will never ever be any, anywhere. Spiritual Freedom is something that only each individual thetan can address for themselves. To be aware is to be spiritually free.

You gotta want it.

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