Out On A Limb

Shirley MacLaine, the New Age spiritual seeker certainly went out on a limb to bring to the fore-front the idea that there is something much more to us than our physical form. Standing on the beach and loudly proclaiming "I am God!" is not something that most people would look kindly upon, especially by all the self-nominated Jesus spokespersons. But it was something in which she was ready to face and realize, and she was also ready to let the world know of it.

You are the God which you are seeking.

When the looking stops, Reality reveals itself. It is not something which is uncovered, disclosed or even discovery. It is as it has always been and will be, right here, right now.

Going out on a limb sounds like a good idea; an idea who's time has come, but in fact, it is something which numerous individuals throughout history have repeatedly made know. It was just that no one wanted to really listen. Not listen to just the sounds that reach their ears, but to listen with all of one's heart and soul.

Without a deep conviction, one will surely waiver and fall while going out on a limb. Luckily, there are many, many individuals ready to catch you if you fall. But why bother with all of that anyway? Why not just get to the heart of the matter and realize that you are the miracle that is already happening. You are the happening in which all happenings happen in. You are the center of the Universe and owner of all you survey. Why, it's almost as if, we are all Gods.

Yes, indeed. We are all Gods, going out on a limb to show ourselves a thing or two.

"Only in my image can I create as all thoughts originate in me."

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