Where Does The Pain Go?

Scientologists, in the most commonly accepted sense, have what is called 'will'. This 'will' could be defined as focused intention which is placed upon some one or some thing in order to bring about some desired effect. In fact, this 'will' is something which is highly desired and respected in various groups and organizations. The 'power' of an individual can be measured as a direct correlation between the amount of 'will' which is imposed upon another. The greater the concentrated force, the greater amount of willpower which is demonstrated.

Are you beginning to see what is wrong with this type of thinking?

Using one's will power or 'force' in order to bring about some end result is something which is far, far removed from any type of religious conviction in which to hang one's hat. Isn't it ironic that with Scientology's methods of removing the force of pain and suffering from mental images, the resulting release of energy is collected, harvested and directed outward which is then foisted upon others as 'will'? All that it really is, is just a show of force. Collected from one area and applied to another. What has been cleared?

What most people in the freezone are doing is merely rearranging force to their own benefit.

What does force have to do with living dynamically? The answer is, nothing. Absolutely nothing. When one begins to play with energy, just like fire, one tends to get burnt. There is no harmony, or dynamic thrust involved in it. There is only pure selfish wants and desires. Why else is force necessary? Think about that.

There is a way of living life, of aligning oneself with ALL of the dynamics on a Grand Scale. There is a way of achieving everything in this Universe. but let's not kid ourselves, the 'everything' that most people are gung-ho for is for material possessions completely disregarding what lies beyond all that. And this is where most, so-called Scientologists, are at right now. All the energy that they free up is used so as to achieve something 'greater' for themselves through the use of force or will. it's called Black Scientology, the misapplication and purposeful destruction of others through the use of the Scientology philosophy.

This all works fine, in their camp, until someone comes along to show that force is nothing but a ridge and the so-called 'clearing' which these people proclaim to whorship, is nothing but a method of dominance. It is suppression of the highest caliber.

Trying to lift an ashtray, as if it would demonstrate anything, is nothing but the bait on a fish hook, dangling in front of the hungry.

If you are looking for 'power', for 'force of will' or any other 'thing' to which you owe your allegiance, you will never, ever see the light of day.

Power can only be only demonstrated in relation to a lessor or greater show or force. If this is indeed a Universe built upon power, then it would mean that we must all suck each other dry and become every bit of the god we so desire to be. This 'urge' of survival is exactly what is occurring out in the freezone and in the church. It is not religious or spiritual by any means.

Spiritual Freedom is not some idea which can be longed for like some lost favorite toy. It is a reality and it is a reality not based upon the principal of force. This is because it IS the force. Not a force through the collection of anything, nor through the use of 'will' or even persuasion. It is Freedom in every thought, word and deed to BE dynamically aligned, wholly and completely.

Can you just imagine what that would be like?

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