Look, But Don't Touch

Engaging Ourselves, we reach for the stars and turn around and fall right back down into the Ocean of Life. Swimming with the effort of keeping our heads above water, our endless victory is at hand. In struggling, we find life but this is not the life to which we owe our allegiance. Just because others of like-mind have joined us, it does not mean that our rightness is assured. Quite the contrary.

Looking down at our cement shoes of existence, where is it that we are going in such hurry? Surely our progress will be nothing short of ineffective. We go nowhere when our sights are filled with hopes and dreams. When we entertain ourselves, who is brave enough to leave while the performance is underway? Must we not respect the manners of our fore-fathers?

Breaking the ties that bind gives us the freedom to rise above ourselves and to come to actually SEE the reality of Life before us. It's not that it is hiding and only comes out for special occasions, for it is ever here at the moment beckoning to us through the glasses we wear. In Reality, there is nothing else.

But getting there is what has most people in a pickle. It takes work and effort and strenuous activity to even begin to catch a glimpse of it. Such dreams do, indeed, belong to those who swim against the tide. To deny Reality, by exerting effort to place it into the future, is silly indeed. What sane person would do such a thing? The answer is, of course, no sane person would.

Breaking out of our ingrained life, we tend to seek attachment. Replacement is such a tricky tool and in fooling ourselves, we claim victory, only to find ourselves right back where we first started. Perhaps starting IS the problem. Seeking enlightenment, we tend to do the strangest of things, but in BEING that enlightenment where is the effort?

Letting go is not the answer but merely another method of replacement.

Before going anywhere and doing anything, perhaps it would be best to notice exactly what is going on in, on and around, oneself. Where else is there to nurture sanity than in the fertile ground of ourselves?

Look but don't touch.

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