FZA Timeline

It's funny how events happen in the way that they do, at the time they do. If you have ever believed in coincidence, perhaps this would be a good time to renew your desire of examination.

When Virginia stopped posting to the old forum, Hilton and his FZAOINT gang decided to turn their 'big' guns in my direction. I find this amusing in that it takes the two of them to try to 'handle' the misiunas situation. Once Viriginia stopped posting, I saw no need to allow these people to continue to use the forum as a place where they could give free reign to their ranting and raving episodes. All they saw were enemies, and so I curtailed their demonstration of what they were looking for. Of course, this threw them into a fit and it was quite humorous to watch them scurry around trying to duplicate the forum and the idea of 'unmoderated' discussion.

First it was the creation of a group at Yahoo called 'newfza', which stated that it was a replacement for the old fza forum. You see, one of the marks of a Markabian is the inability to be creative. They duplicate others' motions pretty good, but they cannot create. Once the Hilton gang decided to create the 'newfza' group, they then took the big step of duplicating the old forum, software and all, over at the fzint hideout. No creativity, just duplication.

It really is funny how Hilton and his gang came onto the old forum, guns blazing, all in the name of 'restoring' the theta discussion that was previously occurring before Virginia and I began posting our communications. These guys are so clueless that they have absolutely no idea of the kinds of communication that was going on. Maybe they did, and if that is so, then their evil intentions are that much more clearly demonstrated.

The old forum would allow anyone to post anything, and people did. An overwhelming majority of posts were just plain nonsense and many of the people there used many, many, names to post with. Many times, these names would carry on conversations among themselves, but in reality they would be all coming from a single source.

There were a number of people that did this. At one count, there was 51 names used by ONE single individual, and if you think all the posts that came out of that individual were theta in any way, well, I would begin to wonder exactly whose definition you would be working under.

The old forum was a mess, plain and simple, but there were much more severe concerns than that.

The old webmaster was awarded 25 hours of FZAOINT auditing for the outstanding job that he did on being the webmaster of fza.org. I took a look at this and began to wonder. In the approximately two years of leaving that site, very, very few changes were made. As a matter of fact most of the items in the "Current News' sections were the same items that I placed there years ago. The site was obviously not being maintained. What could be the reason for the 25 hours awardment?

FZA had always remained non-aligned. The site would feed the auditors in the field and that was it. When outside influences had tried to make inroads during the early years, I always denied any requests to 'pitch' a particular brand or person. This kept the site neutral, allowing an unbiased entry into the 'Free Zone'. Well, FZAOINT found a way in and the way in was the 25 hours of auditing rewarded - on what? It was based on FZA creating one section devoted solely to the FZAOINT organization, from bulletins to policy letters. What, may you ask does that have to do with FZA being neutral? Good question. It ceased to be neutral when the webmaster accepted a post at FZAOINT and it ceased being neutral when that organization began to use the site as it's marketing arm. That was underhanded.

This is what I meant when I told Tommy that he could buy some people but not everyone has a price.

Did you know that Tommy believes that the 'Free Zone' has nothing whatsoever to do with Captain Bill Robertson? What does it tell you when an individual begins to deny the roots to which his livelihood owes it's allegiance? Just like the CoS, the Free Zone has already succumbed to evil organizations and implanters. Just look at the actions of those individuals who feel that they 'own' the 'Free Zone'. Just look at the rampage with which Hilton just can't seem to escape from.

As these people plaster their cases all over the Internet, what does that tell you> It tells you that they are actively seek out group agreement. Why would an individual need group agreement when ethics are in? They don't. Group agreement is the creation of a domineering force that makes Markabians feel more in 'control'.

Hilton and his cohorts have made it known that they used many, many throw away email accounts to further their agenda. Hilton has also made it known that he can teach his underlings the knowledge necessary in order to forge IP address, in the furtherance of their goals. What, may I ask you, would these people be doing that would require stealth in the night? Hidden data lines are all over the 'Free Zone'. FZAOINT says that there are no hidden data lines, but lo and behold, posting a message from the FZAOINT IS considered a breach of a 'private' list. If it's 'private', it's a hidden data line. What is occurring here is redirection. Hilton and his gang cannot confront the truth and so, with much effort, attempt to redirect attention away from themselves and onto any target they deem necessary in the quest for Markabian survival.

Isn't it amazing, that here we have an individual and his gang, going out of their way in trying to escape from the 'implanter' accusation instead of confronting it. Creating enemies to cover their tracks only makes them that much more obvious.

I don't follow ACT or ARS. These newsgroups are their playgrounds and anyone who has ever spent time there knows what I mean. Keep an eye out for Hilton and his gang. Make no mistake, Hilton is Tommy's handler and 'master' of the 'Free Zone'. At least in his imagination, anyway.

Hilton of late, has been trying to bomb the new FZA forum with obscene and derogatory messages. He is actually taking joy in the fact that he can use numerous email address and IPs from which to do his posting. How sad, that this individual has fallen so far down the scale, and that he can't seem to get back up.

As these people scurry to and fro, I'll continue to observe their duplication and lack of creativity. I'll continue to remain in the background, having no need to plaster my 'story' all over the internet in the hopes of gaining converts.

On the old FZA forum, I made it known who I am, and that seems to have scared a few people around here. Why is that?

Hilton is a Markabian, this much is obvious and his ties demonstrate the loyalty of those around him. I don't consider Markabians my enemy, but I also wouldn't turn my back on one. Right Ralph?

It is these same people who took over the church and now think that they have the 'Free Zone' under control as well. If you don't believe me, get a meter and find out. Just don't say that I didn't warn you.

Another joke of the land is Ralph Hilton 'being' L. Ron Hubbard and coming out with the insanity of his 'Revenius' valence. Funny trick Ralphie! LRH don't much care for those Marcabs either. I now know why.

You can lead a Markabian to greed, and he just will never leave. I wonder why these creatures of the night are congregating at this point in time? Do they know something about what's coming down the pike? I wonder what that could be. :-)

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