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Freedom Of Expression

I found this quote on rense.com: If we don't believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don't believe in it at all.> Noam Chomsky... 13 May 2005

Ill-Gotten Gains

Who killed CBR? How is it that the people who proclaim themselves 'keepers' of CBR's writings use them for their own purposes? How is it that people like Ralph Hilton whose life's purpose is to study, and try to make sense of, LRH's technical... 14 Apr 2005

Freedom From Being 'Cleared'

The 'FreeZone', like many individuals who have 'freedom' on this planet, survive and gather their so-called strength from controversy. Without it, they are doomed to die a quick death. Without something to keep their attention and emotions on,... 20 Jan 2004

Status Report Spock!

Well, I've had an interesting go-around with someone who has e-mailed me privately. It's interesting when someone has a problem spelling their 'real' name and uses the term 'aka' when signing their communication. I didn't bother to venture into... 17 Jan 2004

Ralph Hilton... the Hypocrite

From: "Virginia" <v...@icehouse.net>Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientologySubject: Ralph Hilton..the HypocriteDate: Fri, 2 May 2003 08:36:44 -0700Organization: VerioFrom the thread: "A test of Fair Game law"..... 06 May 2003

In His Own Words : Ralph Hilton

http&11 Jan 2003Title: "Channelling" Ralph Hilton wrote:...If men want to have sex with men that's ok with me.I do have a revulsion for homosexual men who are too clueless to realize that I have no sexual interest in them.... 30 Apr 2003

Falling Out, With Grace

Running with the pack, it moves as if one, and in fact, it is of one mind set. There is a wives tale of safety in numbers, but that was only created to provide a sense of well-being where there is none. There is no safety in numbers. It is one... 28 Apr 2003

Hours In The Chair

I recently noticed the following extract, posted by Ralph Hilton to the Marcabian bulletin board called alt.clearing.technology: From: Ralph Hilton <ralph@fzint.org>Newsgroups: alt.clearing.technologySubject: Re: Ron on... 18 Nov 2002

The Heat Of Battle

(As noted earlier, this is part of the 'outstanding issues' which I promised to address) As most 'FreeZoners' know, there has been a bit of an upset having to do with myself and the mistaken impression that the 'FreeZone' has authority over... 09 Oct 2002

Why I Do Not Favor The 'FreeZone'

At one time, I enjoyed the idea of being part of a 'loosely' organized group of people who had the purpose and intent of creating expanded spiritual awareness for those who had an interest in such things. Additionally, there was an added appeal... 08 Oct 2002

A Layman's Guide to the 'FreeZone'

This Guide is a work-in-progress.... 05 Oct 2002

Books And Stuff

On the old forum, I had said that I have no Scientology materials in my possession. It's true, because a few years back I sent everything that I had to Mike Hunsaker, the ex-webmaster of fza. He even got a free e-meter. Lovely Christmas gifts!... 16 Nov 2001

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