The Heat Of Battle

(As noted earlier, this is part of the 'outstanding issues' which I promised to address)

As most 'FreeZoners' know, there has been a bit of an upset having to do with myself and the mistaken impression that the 'FreeZone' has authority over FZA.ORG. Of course this 'upset' can be narrowed down to two specific individuals. Ralph Hilton and Tommy Thompson.

Perhaps you have heard of their displeasure with my actions and of how they used the discussion forums here on FZA.ORG as tools for their revenge. During the time period that all of this was occurring I was noticing the lines of battle. It is always interesting to see where other's allegiance lie and there is no better time than the heat of battle to test loyalties, friendships and out right enemies. Exposing your true enemy is a requirement of engagement before further action can be taken.

During this 'battle of wills' that took place within the 'FreeZone' and the theta universe, a number of previously 'secret' agendas were revealed as well as those individuals behind them.

You can always tell who your real friends are when it comes to a battle situation. That battle situation can be anything from a simple debate to physical objects being thrown at each other. (All sorts of creative battle situations are created in the theta universe and most times, you will see rudimentary engagements being brought about.) Whatever the situation, you will notice the attention of others, either watching or taking part.

Those that watch take no sides and are therefore considered to be 'dangerous'. At any moment these 'neutral' beings may side with the opposition and thereby increase the 'enemy' count.

Those that take part, make it obvious as to how they want the battle to be fought, and won.

When Ralph Hilton and Tommy Thompson (and those associated with them) sought to destroy FZA.ORG, I noticed who watched and who participated in fullfilling their agenda. Those that watched the destruction had no agenda but their own and obviously saw no reason to interfere. It has now become obvious as to who these 'followers' are.

I also noticed the very few who actually took an active part against the destruction sought by those mentioned. Over time, those few became even fewer. It has become clear to me exactly who my friends are as well as those who definitely are not.

The news that the 'FreeZone' had absolutely no use for FZA.ORG other than as a marketing tool for individual aggrandizement became obvious. In protest to that undesired condition, I removed FZA.ORG from the Internet for six months, from friend and foe alike.

Upon the return of FZA.ORG, I once again discovered exactly who my friends are and it wasn't the 'FreeZone'.

The 'FreeZone' had their say as they carried out the destruction of FZA.ORG. As the spoils of that 'war', Mike Hunsaker took all the material it took me years to gather and present on the Internet, along with the 'FreeZone America' name and setup up his own marketing shop for his boss, Tommy Thompson along with Ralph Hilton. Don't forget, Mike is the Dissemination Secretary for one of the many front organizations of Tommy Thompson. As webmaster of FZA.ORG for a time, Mike set up the destruction of FZA.ORG by accepting a bribe and position within an organizational arm of Tommy Thompson, thereby destroying the unbiasedness of FZA.ORG. FZA.ORG was planned for destruction for some time even before I brought the obvious battle that was occurring out in the open.

The 'FreeZone' had their say, and now I am having mine.

FZA.ORG is now a Free Zone site, following the intent and purpose of the Free Zone Decree as stated by Captain "Bill" Robertson. There are no evil organizations or implanters here at FZA.ORG. Nor will there be any alteration of the Free Zone concept.

I've found out who my friends are. I've also found out exactly who it is that has placed themselves in opposition to me. And now that I have found out that the 'FreeZone' is nothing of the sort, I am free to do as I see fit.

The lines are drawn, the sides quite clear.

It's not a battle for 'spirituality', it a battle for ceasing the lies, deception and false report. Only where there is clear intent and freedom of these evils will there ever be any sort of hope for spirituality.

I'd much rather spend my time vacationing on this beautiful planet, but since the sand has been kicked in my face, I guess that I'll have to do something about it.

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