The Wonder Of It All

Picking through the rubbish, we come to find our gems of worth. Engaging others in idle chatter, hesitantly, we await the words we want to hear. Digging through our memories, we escape to the future and worry that it may come to pass. Being alone with ourselves is the answer to hiding.

In the shadows, strange secrets do tell. Of truth and living they know not, but perhaps if we peek just a bit harder, all will be revealed. Capturing our gaze, the shadow looks back and suddenly there is the realization that the thoughts, once so tried and true, are no longer ours to do with as we wish.

Wistfully, we seek refuge in the harbors of destruction and wonder at the pitiful state in which we have found ourselves within. Locked away for all time and eternity, we pray for release. Entering uncharted waters, we wonder at the beauty that is to behold. Releasing ourselves from our jail of self denial, we embrace the light even while the shadows still beckon and call.

Moving ahead, we come to see that what lies ahead is exactly what we see it to be. Amazingly, even in our own creations we once again seek refuge and peace knowing full well that neither lies beyond ourselves. Captured by our own thoughts, we wonder at the wonder of it all.

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