Uniquely You

We carry our characteristics when ever and where ever we go. How else will our friends be able to recognize us? There is a core of our being that remains the same through thick and thin. No matter what 'experience' we have subjected ourselves to, there seems to be a basis upon which the entirety of our existence rests upon. This basis does not change. All that is being done through auditing is to uncover ourselves from ourselves. Freedom is freeing ourselves from the experiences with which we have heaped upon ourselves. Letting go is not always an option.

Clearing technology, or whatever name you wish to assign it, exists simply because there is a need for it. We gained our experiences through the use of 'others', so what better way to release those very same experiences than through the use of 'others'. Clearing takes back what is rightfully yours and categorizes one's space. 'Unique characteristics' go over 'there'. Implants, 'here', and maybe we should put those bodily experiences up 'there' on the shelf. A clean house is something that one can be proud of, especially when you're invited over to someone else's and find out how they really live!

Cleaning up your space reflects your unique nature. The cobwebs are not you, how silly to even think so. Who are you, really? Only you know. Only you can decided what it is that you are. Whether a refrigerator, or an animated piece of meat, the decision is totally yours, and it doesn't really matter which it is. It is only an expression of you.

Expressing yourself is an absolute joy to behold. In that appreciation, joy can be found in the expression of others. Imagine if everyone forgot who they really are! Imagine if everyone confused themselves with the objects of their representation. Strange as it may sound, sometimes there is a confusion between core characteristics and non-core characteristics and when that happens, clearing technology seems to arise out of nowhere. A gift from the Gods, so to speak.

The ultimate prize of clearing is you, yourself, being you, yourself. There really isn't any confusion about it.

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