Why Not Make It Enjoyable For Everyone?

At what point does communication become so dangerous that it must be eliminated? Where will we draw the boundaries of our own limitations and perceptions and expect those around us to comply? How do we pass judgement upon another when we, ourselves, lack the knowledge to even 'save' ourselves.

You have the right to communicate. You also have the right to not communicate.

Enforcement of a group's ideals and morals upon an individual who does not share those same beliefs is not a spiritual teaching, but enforcement of a shared reality. The only 'right' spiritual teachings are those from which something can be personally gained or realized. To teach with understanding is to demonstrate to the student it's efficacy and it's totality. Force meets force, it always has and always will. To gain spiritual freedom it takes more than the application of 'rightness', it takes understanding.

With understanding, there are no 'good' and 'evil' sides that must vanquish the other. With understanding there is no enforcement of idealistic technologies and principals. With understanding there is a leading. A leading into a spiritual unknown by those who understand. A correct teaching will invite it's understanding, not enforce it.

There have been spiritual teachings for thousands of years, on this planet and through out the universe. Perhaps you have been too busy doing other things to notice? Perhaps you have let opportunities pass you by and regretted past actions. What ever you have done, it does not mean that with your new-found understanding, you must ensure that those around you partake of it. It will happen anyway, no matter what you do. Why not make it enjoyable for everyone in the meantime?

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