Would We Be The Same?

Asleep, I watch in panicked distrust of things and places circling above me as vultures in need. Never imagined and never trusting in the life of one who leads same, there can be only forlorn hope of that which ever exceeds my grasp. Catching a glimpse is all that can be hoped for and yet the desire for full bodied sustenance is thirsted with glee. Where for art thou oh wicked serpent of the Nile. What escape have you planned for yourself once again. Always grasping and never fulfilling, desire succumbs to the emptiness of it's own existence. There is neither the life nor the death which abounds in plenty of spirit. The love sought is the love lost.

Beyond the sight, above the brow, there lies the searching and in the circumference of imagination the totality of needs far, far exceeds all expectations. I can only be what I am and no more. The characteristics sought exist no more for the giving. Taking all of nothing, that which remains is everlasting and temporary, fulfilled of it's own accord which is so dear to it's heart. There is no escape from clutching. Taking your thoughts away, there can be nothing beyond the freedom in which your hopes and your fears are misplaced.

Gaining ground captures our interest, where is the end in sight? Neither the beginning nor the end, we suffer not. Where is the interest, the mirror, the gold of our rewards. There is only the single place that exists timelessly in eternity. In that place, which is the holy of holies, lies the heart or core of our being. Being is our embodiment which we neither need feel want for. Existence travels in straight lines, is this it's only demonstration.

In all times and all places we exist as the gods of our just rewards. What if there were no rewards to be had and gloated over? Would we be the same as we once were?

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