Sooner Or Later

In the time between there lies a substance known as Eternity. It is here that Existence fulfills itself and weeps in the delight of estrangement. Alone at last, we remain peaceful and still. To know peace is to know otherwise.

Belonging to no one and yet appearing everywhere, it's demonstration cannot be denied. Influencing and subjecting it's audience to vast adventures and experiences, still, it remains immobile and unyielding ever on the lookout for all that is not. Beseeching cries of temptation and desire, alone at last with the thoughts of redemption, it's call to arms is heard in the infinitude of Life. Where it is, it becomes. Where ever it becomes, wisps of imagination leak through the veil of ignorance. Being alive is everything that it is supposed to be.

Within the Mind, we take existence by the hand and lead the way into the unknowable and unforseen. Blindly stumbling in delight, we bemoan our fate. Through demonstration, we know of ourselves and yet never fully come to terms with the elusive hermit. Being taught in the name of higher powers, we ensure rank. Bodily existence is no existence at all.

I dream, and in that dream reality takes form and shape. The reality of thought belies the fact of non-separation and yet we yearn to close the gap. Appearing and dissolving in the blink of an eye, thoughts and decisions are made and lost. As the past rushes by us at full speed, shall we spin our wheels ever faster and faster in order to stay ahead?

Sooner or later, we must face our own consequences and determine that the consequences we experience is none other we ourselves cloaked in disguise. If you were to tell yourself something, would you listen?

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