There Is Life Even In The Dead

Fulfilling one's duties and responsibilities, what happens next? Where is it that we will be taken to next? Have we reached the pinnacle of our desires or do we continue to create new and interesting twists and turns in the drama of life. Taking stock of our inventory, we always seems to come up short. There always seems to be something missing in which we lust for. Becoming our desires, we seek it's demonstration and so revel in it's effects. Life is good and yet happiness evades us at every turn. Could there possibly be a connection?

We all try very hard and with much effort to be right in our thoughts, words and actions and when we begin to fail at any of those, we call upon effort to enforce them. When that fails we refuse to believe and so our glass house remains intact and impenetrable, or so we imagine. Imagination takes us anywhere and everywhere we want to go.

Seeking answers, we let ourselves be guided by almost anyone who crosses our paths. We are swept up off of our feet and head long do we rush to desire's goal. Getting there is half the fun.

Always reaching, always extending the boundaries of our thoughts, we ever push forward into a future that appears ever evasive and unsure. Try as we might, concrete fruition always seems to appear elusive and never fully realized. Ever changing in our demonstration of desire, we evolve over time and refine our methods of madness only to continually come up short. We are denied our just rewards and yet, at the same time, fully reap the rewards of our failures. Can this be true?

Beyond creating a life to lead there is a coordinated Dance of Creation in which life moves us forward. Embodying that Dance we come to realize that we can either carry life with us or fight it tooth and nail the entire time it carries us with it. Getting ahead of the game of retribution we begin to live Life.

Our purpose for living is not to fulfill our desires, but to fulfill Life. You are already a living demonstration of it's purpose, why fight it? There is no such thing as an accident or even a 'coincidence'. To live is to be in touch with Life and Living. The dead are those who refuse to do that and so become overwhelmed with the desire to quench their desires. Luckily, there is Life even in the dead. :-)

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