From Time To Time

To pierce the veil of darkness, the eyes must create the light in which to take flight. Overcoming obstacles, we begin to enjoy ourselves and yet, seemingly out of nowhere, another plight comes to haunt our dreams of evermore. Awakening, we come to see that our ignorance is born and bred by the life sustaining energies we gladly toss carelessly about. All is alive with our energy, what is there to hoard?

In the light of our shadows, we take shape and form, seeking our destinies with firm conviction. Must we parlay our efforts to ensure further conquest? Of course we are and do. Moment by moment we ever so carefully create the life we lead and yet there always seems to be some chance of happening that takes us by surprise. Are we so enveloped within the moment, captured by it's attention, that reality completely escapes us as it passes us by in the blink of an eye? Gaining new ground, we praise the solidity of our convictions.

Nature holds us in it's arms and cares deeply for it's new born. Appreciative to no one, humanity imbues itself with the power of conviction and rides forth into the sunset daring those it passes by to look it in the eye. In the daring of unrepentant love, nothing holds it's place for there becomes no place in which to "be" in order to hide. Individualistic tendencies fool us into belief.

From place to place and one point in time to another, flowing as the river through thought and imagination, progress is deemed to be not only necessary but desired whole heartedly. In the mad rush of gaining new ground, what becomes trampled and tossed aside along the way? Who is it that succumbs as the herd bemoans it's fact of existence? Sooner or later, life's lessons become understood.

Showing ourselves a good time, we gratefully accept our due rewards but when the tides turn we ensure our future happiness. Life is neither suffering nor for the learning of some ubiquitous task. Life is simply for the individual to express itself and in that expression it comes to see itself and rejoice in the knowing that what it sees is what it is not.

From time to time, there comes to be no where else to go, nothing else to see, and no more to learn.

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