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Thank -- for some reason that first came out as 'thanky', so I'll keep it that way. Thanky you VAST and Scipher for your comments.

For some reason there seems to be a bit of confusion regarding 'CitizenCain'. Well, in the destruction of the line between site duties and personal opinion, the only difference between 'CitizenCain' and myself is my imagination.

As I've stated in the Forum Announcements section, there exists a distinction for me between my personal opinion and FZA responsibilities. That is one of the reasons when I first created the Discussion Board, I would refrain from participation. I did not want those who visited FZA to become confused between my own opinions and the purpose of this site. Later on, when I began to participate more in the discussions, I would use a 'handle' to hide my identity. This worked quite well. It worked even better when I let go of the site.

Well, perhaps it is time to merge the two. The creation of this site reflected my own nature at the time of creation. That time is surely long gone, and I think that my idea of other's confusion may surely be long gone as well.

So... here we are. My name is Paul Misiunas, perhaps you've known me as 'CitizenCain', or maybe even as 'alice' or even a 'HairyKrishna' of some long forgotten past. Whatever your experience has been with those names, it does not take away from what this site is about. If you are really interested, I've even posted as 'Station 16' on the forum, as 'Chance-llor' on ACT or even 'Scienotology Public Relations' on ARS quite some time ago. From bashing LRH to posting 'interesting' data, I've run the gamut and what I've wound up with is an even deeper conviction that the principals and ideals of Scientology are not just something of value, but that they are of deep spiritual significance. NOT the shallow understanding that is so easily taken as being something 'spiritual', but an understanding that runs through your entire being.

I'm not an auditor, I have no training to speak of. I've received just enough auditing to be dangerous and to top it all off, when I gave the site away I also gave away every piece of Scientology data in my possession. Believe it or not, I have absolutely no materials in my possession. Why, do you ask, would I even have an interest in FZA again? Good question.

Over time, out of my detachment to the philosophy of Scientology, there developed a deeper understanding of what the subject actually meant to me. I am not referring to the shallow, 'up the bridge as fast as you can' mind set. I am referring to the conviction, and I do mean the conviction, that what is contained in the subject of Scientology, has not just merit, but ENORMOUS value. I've come to see it in life, through life and in the way that life is brought to me.

There is a reason FZA was created at the time it was. There is a reason that it is now being brought once again into play, and it has everything to do with what lies at the heart of the subject you are obviously here to discover. The term 'Standard technology' was created for the very purpose to ENSURE that the gift of spirituality was given to those who would wish to receive it. It's a gift that keeps on giving. It never ends, I assure you.

If there is some doubt of my intent, peruse the postings of the 'philosophical' 'alice', the direct 'CitizenCain' or even this posting and decide for yourself. I have nothing to hide, no hidden agendas, no wealth to build nor organization to create. I am just me, and if it helps to clear up any confusion, I'll be someone else if needed.

I like directness. I like open communication. I also like providing a way for Scientology to come to be known as it was intended. If it takes relative importances, or me standing on my head, making a fool of myself, that would be fine by me. I, nor FZA, are here for the fashion statement, the "Strongest Man" competition, nor sales hype to get you to buy into something. I'm here to further spiritual progress.

You may not always agree with the characteristics of the display of my intent and that is fine. I don't expect agreement. I expect you to be who you really are. And now that I am who I am, perhaps now you can become that much more of who you really are.

I didn't expect this to turn out to be a 'reveal all' post. I'm not very fond of attention, but I am fond of seeing the spiritual awakening that occurs when Scientology becomes not just known, but felt and lived. Respecting someone's religious beliefs is one thing, but seeing them live it is something entirely different. I wish for you all the spiritual discovery that will indeed set you free.

Oh, by the way. If it isn't fun, it sure ain't Scientology. :)1

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