Surviving Gives Death It's Meaning

There is a time and a place for new eventualities to come together, and it is at that time that the foundations of our beliefs come to mean exactly what they are. As the cracks seep through the rigidity of exploitation, we come to find new sights, new ways of living and more importantly, beings. So it is in the being of one's own true nature that survival takes on it's meaning, devoid and empty of the significance in which we place all of our lost hopes and future fulfillment. Expectantly we arrive where we do not belong and come to realize that wherever we find ourselves, it is the best, and only, place to exhibit our being.

When we restrain ourselves, we learn to survive.

Surviving gives death it's meaning. Without survival, we remain as we are, nothing more and nothing less. As I welcome the mirror of my soul. another life, another lesson to be yearned. Upon the death bed of desire, the escape we seek fails us as we remain everlasting and truthful to our inner nature.

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