An Open Book

Secrets, over time, have a way of revealing themselves. They just seem to want to come out and be expressed in some way or another. Even when great lengths are taken to ensure that a secret will not revealed, it seems to work itself out through the actions, thoughts and words of the individual. There really are no secrets.

How does one keep something hidden so that no one will find out about it? How does one ensure that certain 'things' will forever remain unknown or, the next best thing, a mystery. Secrets demand communication. They are the embodiment of something that needs to be said and sooner or later, the secrets do communicate themselves.

Using force to hide a secret seems to be the common conditioned response mechanism in handling secret information. Concentrated energy, directed and focused upon creating a solid, impenetrable, titanium, atomic bomb proof, vault within which lies the sacred secret creates an air of satisfaction, but that only comes from the feeling of a job well done in hiding things. Force is just another description for hiding.

Just as Jason and the Golden Fleece, there always seem to be trials through which we must pass unscathed in order to reap our reward. Games are like that. Overcoming obstacles, we reach our destination and celebrate.

Hiding secrets is also a game. But the difference in hiding secrets is that a secret comes with its own set of unique qualities. Among those, are self expression and self-camouflage. Secrets like to blend into the background to wait for their unveiling. A communication communicates and the force of hiding is like the leash that is on a very excited dog. Sometimes, you can't stop the dog from doing what it wants.

And so it is with secrets.

They make themselves known. They demand communication.

There are some things in this universe that just can't be stopped. :-)

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