The Killing Time

There are always times and time whereby distaste for the living brings about unwarranted repercussions, but in the Light of Ourselves, this is not only impossible, but entirely impossible.

Living from day to day in the wide expanse of the present, there are no repercussions other than what we, ourselves, wish for. Waiting and wishing for the inevitable, we relish in our demonstration of living and on the very edge of awareness, we continue to have that nagging feeling that some-thing is not quite right. Where can there be rightness when wholeness is absent? As we continue to wander the Wasteland, we ponder our predicament and reach no conclusion. Watching our footsteps pass beyond us in our travels, we go no where.

Sooner or later the moment comes when the ponderment ends and confidence in our Nature begins. In that moment of boldness, we crack the shell of our false lives and come to see that in Reality we have never lived.

Dying to get ahead, we endlessly pursue our dreams and yet the morning of awakening eludes our grasp. Dreaming the dream of Life and Living, we do neither. Escaping into Fantasyland, we relish our victory and ponder not the shallowness of our thinking. Surely clear heads will one day prevail.

And they do.

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