Free Zone Vs 'FreeZone'

When various individuals hijacked the Free Zone concept and redefined it's purpose and intent to suit their own selfish ends, it caused quite a bit a confusion as you could well imagine. It would be like selling waste water in bottles and labelling them as "Pure & Fresh".

Here is an extract to help clarify the difference between the Free Zone and the 'FreeZone':

There are two, yes, two versions of the Free Zone. One is the original concept as relayed by Captain 'Bill' Robertson and the other is an altered 'free-flowing' version as defined by supposedly 'public opinion', but in actual fact by a handful of individuals whose businesses rely on deception and alteration in order to 'make a living'. Here is a definition of both versions:

Free Zone : Based upon the Free Zone Decree as relayed by Captain 'Bill' Robertson, it is a quarantined area where spiritual awareness may be pursued completely free of outside non-dynamically aligned influences. The Free Zone is an area free of outside influences where spiritual growth may continue, unencumbered by counter intention.

'FreeZone' : This is a 'loosely' organized group of individuals who practice Scientology in various altered forms as well as practicing totally off-beat practices. In it's demonstration of alteration, the spelling of this term is sometimes used as "Free Zone" in an attempt at creating confusion in order to further the various agendas involved. Those that fall within this definition sometimes refer to themselves as 'FreeZoners' or "Independents".

Here on FZA the 'FreeZone' may also be addressed as freezone, FeeZone or some other derivative. The Free Zone, on the the other hand, is always referred to as the Free Zone. We don't change the name or it's meaning.

Sometimes, out in the 'wild', the Free Zone name is deceptively used in it's original spelling to refer to the altered version. The context will always clearly demonstrate it's use and abuse.

Additionally, you may also see Free Zone America spelled in various ways to denote some individual's idea of what they think it should represent. They all bear the mark of deception. Free Zone America is here and no where else.

The best way to not be fooled is to be aware. Not to become aware, but to be aware.

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