Time Passes

As always, time moves along it's merry track, oblivious to the rise and fall of those in it's path and especially of those in it's wake. You can't stop a locomotive.

Sometimes, the great 'debilitator' comes along and says that, indeed, the locomotive has been stopped. Peace reigns and there is nothing to fear, not even fear itself.

Just how many trains are running the route, anyway?

Blazing in full glory, it's something that you just can't miss. Well, it can't be missed if one is actually looking for that sort of thing.

For some, standing on the platform of life, waiting IS the game. For others, knowledge has been gained and the wait for the next train begins.

For still others, there is no wait as they board the train which comes at their beck and call, completely unseen by the busy beavers, so fervently working away at their 'tasks'. Duty calls.

But what, exactly is that duty?

Can one be a slave to oneself and require the whip of destiny to be brought forth only by another?

The only answer, as you wait for your conveyance, that will ever arrive is the answer of agreement.

That is why there are party leaders, and then, the party itself. Surviving out in the bush takes more than remembering your place in life. It takes much more.

Excursions continuously embark on adventures only imagined. Where are you going today?

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