Waiting A Lifetime

For some, unconfrontable thoughts, ideas, concepts, events, you name it, remain 'unconfronted' and 'unconfrontable', and so these are 'carried forward' in time to follow the individual around like a lonely puppy. This is where auditing comes in and actually makes a change in the individual's environment. The puppy disappears. It's absolutely magic.

What happens after the puppy is gone? When there is no monkey on the back, how does an individual deal with experiential data that is 'undesired'.

Well, what happens is that it's effects are felt immediately. There is no waiting around, no postponing emotions, postulates, etc. These all get dealt with right in the moment that they occur. And the individual knows that if it is not, the cycle will begin anew.

Yes, that same individual can stop the cycle along the way, but this individual would be an Operating Thetan, one who operates in the moment, not one who is off playing with the lonely puppy.

This same experiential data is much more intense than that of one who saves it for a rainy day. Luckily though, this force is not only confrontable, but addressable as well with the knowledge that is possessed. The knowledge of Scientology.

When it becomes part of you, there are no rainy days. There are no lonely puppies seeking attention and there is no 'high' and 'low' emotional content clawing at it's prey.

There is only You.

There has only ever been You.

Puppies are a far, far cry from that wonder.

The question is: How do you want your experiential data to arrive? Do you wish it to be long and drawn out, or will you have the courage to face it, and let it pass.

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