Are You Ready Yet?

The Galactic Patrol - What Is It Good For?

Space opera makes for wonderful sci-fi stories and events, but in real life it is an entirely different matter. Widening one's scope of awareness sometimes requires various tools and trades. It's just a matter of what's needed for the moment.

In addressing a wider perspective, the Galactic Patrol symbolizes longevity. It's been around almost as long as thetans have been around and as a symbol it becomes the constant reminder that "you have lived before". This is not body-related, so it has nothing to do with one's idea of physical embodiment at this, or any other, time.

Wider perspectives require that awareness become free of the limiting factors that are so much in vogue these days. In taking the long view, spirituality begins to make itself known in some amazing ways. And that defines the relationship between the Galactic Patrol and Man.

Getting stuck on an idea or ideas is great exercise for containing awareness. Sometimes, fixation can come in very handy when we do no wish to come face-to-face with our own thoughts. Willfully pouring energy into these fixations stops time and no longer can one be considered as a spirit, but instead, becomes mortal.

The nature of man is mysterious indeed, but this is only because of the fixation mentioned. Removing barriers, we gain freedom, but the price of freedom is slavery. Slavery to our own thoughts, concepts and ideas defines the freedom that we wish we had.

There is no wishing, there is only now.

Right now you have the choice to be mortal, or not. You have the choice to fixate on life and living, or not. The funny thing about awareness is that it is not something which can be fixated upon. Try as you might, but all that can be accomplished is fixating on the idea of expanded awareness. Greater heights are never achieved by imagining them.

Fooling oneself, you fool no one.

As a symbol, the Galactic Patrol remains as a beacon of light to show the way. Some see it, many do not, but there it is just the same. It's not a matter of belief or philosophy or even knowingness. All it takes is the desire to embark on a spiritual journey to uncover the awareness so deeply buried in one's storehouse of treasures. But there is really only one treasure and you are it.

That is the purpose of the helping hand - to show you the way. Why define yourself as a mere mortal when the universe can be yours. Not yours in the sense of adding to your treasure storehouse, but in the sense of coming to know that with awareness, all the mysteries of all the universes are laid bare for you.

You are a part of this universe and this universe is a part of you. Redefining yourself as something else is great entertainment, but like all entertainment, sooner or later you will wish for it to end. And the Galactic Patrol stands by constantly asking "Are you ready yet?".

Are you?

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