I Am Not That I Am

Encircling ourselves with the fluff of life, looking out we see hazy shadows moving to and fro with purpose and intent. Moving, we stumble and fall over obstacles better left unseen. Stepping aside, we bump into others who also stumble and fall in rhythm and thyme. Wondering, we scratch our heads, pondering unanswerable questions of old. Are we really any further along?

Pulling the haze from our eyes, we come to see and in that moment we make the decision to be or to not be. Everlasting, we remain.

Moving through life, circumstances come to meet and greet us, all to the delight of not only ourselves, but all those around us as well. We are never alone.

Rising up from the ashes of our own death, we continue our haphazard circuitous route to nowhere, always knowing that no matter what we do our efforts come to naught. There must be a purpose and plan, and so our search endures time and space.

Ultimately, our journey takes us to all the places we have already been and as we set our sights ever higher, we extend our deaths just a little more. Hopefully, our blindness will lead us even further away.

There is only one way and it is the way of realizing that whenever we are, whatever it is that we do, the choice is ours and ours alone. Spectators abound and when stepping out from behind the curtain of our own making, we stand in our own glorious nature. We are what we are and always will be. What else could there possibly be?

In the pursuit of endless possibilities, eventually, we run out of both time and space. Sooner or later, we will arrive where it is that we are, knowing full well what that means.

Meanwhile, escape becomes a viable option only as long as we pursue the dreams which leads us on. Dreaming, we continue our golden quest of enlightenment. The answer must lie other than where it is that we are. If not here, than surely somewhere else.

Gazing out in the murky depths, we make our way, stumbling with hesitation and interest. I am not that I am.

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