Signing One's Death Warrant

Earthly organizations come and go in tune to the civilizations to which they are bound. Each stepping to it's own beat of the drum, both eventually succumb as is the nature of planetary existence.

Imagine the first time that a planetary civilization discovered the endless possibilities of reaching out beyond it's own atmosphere. Imagine the joy of moving beyond one's womb, discovering, for the first time, that life exists only within a larger frame of reference.

There have been many times and many places where life has escaped it's own boundaries and found Freedom. It's really nothing new, but it IS exciting for those who yearn for it from a standpoint of never having experienced it before. There is just nothing like it.

As a civilization matures, expansion must be redeemed. It's not always easy to leave home, but for those that do not, it would be like signing one's own death warrant. In this universe of creation and destruction, if expansion is not whole heartily grasped as for one's own, then stagnation will turn on it's heels and devour it's own host.

You are the host. Not only do you host the potential of Freedom, but you also host the best and brightest of Man. It is a gift that all have.

That's what is nice about Spiritual Freedom. It's a gift that befriends both foe and ally, indistinguishable in it's moment of triumph.

There is nothing quite like meeting old friends out among the stars.

And there is nothing quite like meeting old friends on some outbound planet, tucked away in some barely recognizable corner of the universe, where you just happened to stop in for a 'lookie-see'.

Freedom is like that. You find good friends where ever you go. And sometimes, they even find you. :-)

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