But It's Just A *Little* Lie...

Falsehoods, once introduced, have a way of becoming self-generating and self-perpetuating. As a matter of fact, it's a requirement for the job of altering isness.

The 'FreeZone' does this quite a bit by encouraging anonymity as well as enhancing the idea of opposition. When an individual is in opposition to themselves, they take it out on those around them. And this, of course, does not lead to self-determinism. What it leads to is a co-dependency and this is exactly the operating basis of the 'FreeZone'. The representatives of the 'FreeZone', depend upon a paying public and that very same paying public looks upon the 'FreeZone' as some sort of spiritual redemption.

Neither will get you very far, but the symbiotic relationship exists just the same.

Luckily for Mankind, not everyone bites the hook that easy.

A *little* lie, is like an auditing session. If an individual is not willing to face their own responsibilities, then it becomes impossible for that individual to face reality as it really is.

It is the only thing that obscures one's view of the universe.

You cannot see reality when all outside experience is colored by that *little* lie. Looking through rose colored glasses, we can pretend that the world is different than it actually is. But this does not change reality, it is we, ourselves, who attempt to make it into something different. A lie is an attempt at altering reality to our own idea of how things 'should be'.

No matter how hard an individual may hold onto a lie, it is in that same proportion that no spiritual advancement will be made. Nothing holds us back from our spiritual nature, but we, ourselves and what is it that we justify our halting pace with? A lie.

There is only one individual in the entire universe, and beyond, that has the power over our thoughts and actions, and that individual is none other than you. YOU make reality by breaking free of the lies and deception with which you have encircled yourself with. You create reality by becoming free of the misconceptions with which you have encumbered yourself with.

When the excess baggage goes, everything goes and what is left is nothing but you, yourself.

It is at that time that Truth becomes known. It is at that time that you become Truth.

To launch yourself along the spiritual path, simply leave the lies, deception, trickery and deceit behind. You will be very glad that you did.

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